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My name is Marino Cardelli, and as the founder of Experience BellaVita I together with my partners will be your authentic Tour Leaders while visiting our region in Central Italy, Abruzzo.
I was born and raised in a small village next to Teramo. I’m passionate about our regional gastronomy, history, and culture and sharing my local knowledge with visitors of this spectacular area. In my spare time, I either cook or travel around as I enjoy meeting new people and discovering new areas and places.
I speak English, Spanish, Italian, and Abruzzese (our local dialect).

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During the last years, I also gained international experience while graduating in Edinburgh and traveling around the world. Despite my international work success, I decided to exchange the busy corporate environment for presenting authentic Abruzzo culture via food tours, cooking classes and exploration of this lesser-known, hidden gem destination with its unforgettable nature, majestic mountains, national parks & reserves, and the long stretch of beautiful seaside coast. I realized how much I am keen on sharing my passion of Abruzzo with others. This is how my dream came true, and the Experience BellaVita was born.

Food Ambassador of Abruzzo

Within our first 3 years, we have hosted more than 300 happy tourists from 35 different countries. I’ve become a certified Italian Tour Manager and also have been selected as Smart Ambassador of Abruzzo by the local government. The role of Abruzzo Ambassador is crucial as thanks to this, I am able to contribute personally to the development of the tourism strategies of my region. If you would like to know more about my duties, please read my article here: Abruzzo Smart Ambassador.

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita

Social Mission

What drives us at Experience BellaVita is enthusiasm and passion for food, traditions, art, travels and people. Through these unique experiences, we want to:

  • Let our friends (visitors) have unforgettable moments
  • Give back to what “Madre Natura” has been giving us and respecting it
  • Support the local economy of this small fascinating hamlets that are threatened to disappear forever
  • Reduce the emigration of young passionate folks like us, and bring them back
  • Helping small home-producers

For our experiences we personally inspects and select our collaborators. All of them are small entrepreneurs, artisans and producers that are passionate and keep Italy’s old traditions alive.

While doing so, we will also devote 10% of our profit annually, to the development of the local economy with events and projects aimed to do so.

Some of the social projects we partnered with:

  • inTERazioni – promote cultural activities and tourism in the hinterland of Teramo, in Abruzzo.
  • Campovalano Viva – Promoting tourism through one of the best sagra (Food festival) of Abruzzo. Helping running the iconic ‘Sagra del Tartufo’ Truffle Festival, hosting each year, for an entire week more than 30 thousands visitors from all over the region and beyond.
About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
About Us 2 Experience BellaVita

Travellers Reviews

Marino also has so much knowledge of and passion for Abruzzo. His love for this area, as well as the culture and the food, is evident and it is his wish to share it with those who have yet to discover the beauty and charm of Abruzzo. Enjoy your experience with Marino!

Ricky FerraraUSA, Mitchigan

The BellaVita Experience was probably one of my best choices so far. I've been to Italy before, but mostly to the well-known touristic places. But this trip to Abruzzo, with Marino as tour-guide has presented a whole new Italy to me.

Shaked ZychlinskiISRAEL, Tel Aviv

Marino was waiting for our group of six when we arrived to FCO Rome. Because of him, we felt sincerely welcomed to Italy! Marino was hired as our driver to Teramo, Abruzzo, but he went the “extra mile”, so to speak.
We were definitely blessed to have met this charismatic, kind, and knowledgeable young man, and will absolutely use his services again!

Emily W.USA, Ohio

Truly our favorite experience on our most recent trip to Italy!!! Marino and his family are exquisite and genuinely passionate about sharing their home, their traditions and their time to experience making an authentic Abruzzo-style cuisine. We had many laughs, learned recipes we cannot wait to replicate and savored every single bite of our delicious preparations.

Karey RegalaUSA, California

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Our Family Members

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
CEO, Founder & Culinary Enthusiastic

Marino Cardelli

-2nd level Sommelier,
-Food & Wine enthusiast,
-Official Tour Leader of Abruzzo,
-Abruzzo Smart Ambassador,
-What he likes the most: traveling through Abruzzo on the hunt for a thrilling dining

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
The Queen of the Kitchen

Nonna Amina

Nonna Amina is 83 years young and still very active, cooking as if there was no tomorrow.
She also takes care of our 90y old Nonno in the back of the picture.
-What she likes the most: Cooking Pasta alla Chitarra

Come and meet Nonna Amina.
About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
CBO, Chief Biscuits Officer

Mamma Anna

Mamma Anna is responsible for making sure no one is leaving home without a coffee and
some freshly baked biscuits.
-What she likes the most: frying everything, cotolette, olive, artichokes, zucchini...

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
Bella Vita's food hospitality

Papa' Bruno

With 6 dishes on his hands, Papa' Bruno makes sure everyone gets a warm plate and some fresh fruit off our garden trees

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
Farmer & Cheesemaker


Giuseppe is a member of the 4th-grade family generation of cheesemakers in Abruzzo. He has been making cheese for 50 years: you can taste masterpieces of ricotta and of course our pecorino.
-What he likes the most: letting his visitors try the fresh-made warm Sprisciocco (first cheese)

About Us 2 Experience BellaVita
Our Truffle Hunter Magicians

Ginesio and the Dogs: Piccola & Luna

Ginesio was one of the first truffle hunters in Abruzzo. He started hunting almost 25 years
ago: he developed extraordinary skills to find those unique pieces.
When going for a hunt, Luna dog gets rewarded with a window-seat for an efficient truffle
hunt. Piccola, the sister, sits in the back. These kind creatures aren’t just dogs, they are
Ginesio’s children, who find the truffles exceptionally quickly.
-What they like the most: letting our visitors give the treats to his dogs after they find the truffles