Why are there so many names? We feel the same way! So we conducted some research…

As you may know words tend to get a bit mixed up when they’re anglicised, like the ‘i’ at the end of word like ‘zucchini’ (it’s plural) when it should be ‘zucchine’ (singlular) and don’t even get me started on the usage of ‘panini,’ which is also plural in Italian not singular, and plainly means sandwiches, and nothing fancy! But alas, Italian language and grammar can be complicated even for Italians!

Abruzzi or Abruzzy?

Abruzzo or Abbruzo Abruzzi or Abruzzy? Which is it? Experience BellaVita

So maybe it’s a similar situation with Abruzzi? English speakers do have a fondness for the ‘i’ at the end of Italian words, maybe because it’s easier to pronounce? Or Maybe because their Italian ancestors who emigrated from Abruzzo to the USA before the 1960s used to pronounce it like this? 



Then we heard of Abruzzos and Abruzzy! Where could these have come from? Even we were baffled and couldn’t get to the bottom of it! Typos maybe? The first sounds like a Mexican breakfast burrito and the latter a ‘Seen on TV’ grooming brush for out-of-control hair, or maybe a weed remover tool?! 

Abbruzo or Abbruzzo?

Even a double ‘B’, where does that come from? There might be a reason behind it…

Abruzzo or Abbruzo Abruzzi or Abruzzy? Which is it? Experience BellaVita

Here is a little video for you, asking locals to pronounce the name of our region.

As you might have heard, many local add a ‘b’. Although this isn’t grammatically correct, Abruzzesi like to enhance words and double consonants (i.e Abbruzzo, Robberto, cuggino).

I’ll tell you a funny story that made a national scandal. In Italy we have national health and they state the logo and name of the region you’re resident. Strange but it happened, in 2012 the government issued new health cards with the name ‘Abbruzzo’ on it, adding the double b that is totally wrong. Also, pronouncing and writing it without the double Z is wrong.


The Right Way

Ok, I know, this is getting a bit confusing at this point. Let’s tidy up the mess with naming this Italian region!

The exact name for our region in Italy is indeed, ABRUZZO. But if you’re in our region, we would appreciate you pronouncing our region with a double b.


Abruzzo Origins

The origin and the meaning of the name Abruzzo are still uncertain and several interpretations exist. The most plausible is that the name Abruzzo comes in the Latin form ‘Aprutium-Aprutio’ as early as the early Middle Ages, referring solely to the territorial area of the old ‘Interamnia Praetutiorum’, today’s area of Teramo.

As a result, it is fair to believe that Abruzzo gets its name from the Praetutii Sabellian community who settled in the current north part of Abruzzo.

A presto, (hope to see you soon)


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I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you visit Abbruzzo, make sure to check our authentic culinary tours in the region.

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