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25 Important Things You Need To Know about Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Italy and in the world Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italy are bonded together by 4000 years of history. The Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands out for its quality and limited production. Our yearly … Read More

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Vino Cotto in Abruzzo. What is Vino Cotto?

Vino Cotto This Sweet Wine, called ‘Vino Cotto’, literally cooked wine is the result of reducing the must of specific local grapes. Vino Cotto originates from the Abruzzo region, principally within the Teramo province (for evidence check the Fun fact … Read More

Abruzzo Italy • Experience the Real Italy • Authentic Tours

Hidden Secrets of Italy – Abruzzo Italy is full of treasures to be uncovered, and the Abruzzo region is definitely one of its best-kept secret. Travellers don’t know what they have missed, until they come and experience Abruzzo, at a … Read More

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Abruzzo Recipe – Chitarra Teramana con Pallottine

Difficulty Intermediate Preparation 2.5h Cooking 4h+ Serves 4 people About The chitarra Teramana con pallottine, is a traditional first course of the Abruzzese culinary tradition, originally from the Teramo province. Chitarra might sound familiar to you, and it’s actually what … Read More

Pecorino Cheese GIVEAWAY | Abruzzo Italy

Benvenuti, Welcome Benvenuti to our first giveaway and to our blog if you are new. In short, at Experience BellaVita we want to promote tourism in smaller Italian provincial realities and support the local economy of these beautiful hidden villages. … Read More

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Teramo City cooking eating sightseeing- To do Teramo Abruzzo

Discover all the secret of Teramo, this small province of Abruzzo. Experiences with locals, cooking classes, food tours, where to eat, must see, sightseeing and interesting things to do in and near the city. Here is a personal list of … Read More

Salinello natural Gorges, waterfalls and caves – ​To do Teramo

Salinello Gorges, waterfalls and caves The Abruzzo region reveals unique characteristics for the abundance of diverse natural landscapes, located on the coast, in the hills and in the mountains. Thanks to this feature nature lovers can easily reach, during their relaxing … Read More