Italian Food Box Experiences: The best Gift Hamper from Abruzzo, Italy

Not Just Another Food Hamper

We have carefully sourced Enogastronomic products that tell the story of the producers, where they come from and the generations of tradition & knowledge used to produce them here in Abruzzo. In addition to each Tasting Experience Box you will also receive:

  1. A leap into the life & culture of our handpicked passionate producers. Stories of historic businesses, as well as young entrepreneurs who had to relocate or restart everything after the 3 earthquakes we had in 2009 (L’Aquila), 2016 (Amatrice) and 2017 (Rigopiano).
  2. An explanation of the authentic characteristics behind every hand-made product.
  3. Exclusive video & printed recipes to make it simple & fun to enjoy these easy recipes with your family and friends.
2 in 1 A Gift in a Gift – A Revolutionary Packaging

For the packaging, we spent considerable time to source a 100% sustainable, recyclable, secure & beautifully designed cardboard case. This was an unanticipated challenge, but we felt it was very important to deliver our food experience in a sturdy box that could fit different products.

In the end, we patented a revolutionary packaging. You will receive our box that encloses 3 separate cases containing the 5 products. Each case will be sanitized and wax sealed, a small detail to ensure the quality of our products and your experience. This also offers you the flexibility to use one case as a gift for someone and keep two cases for yourself.

Who is this for

Our Tasting Experience Boxes are thoughtful gifts that can bring seasonal, locally produced products from the heart of Abruzzo to your family and friends around the world.

Deliver a single experience or a full year of the best products we can source for:

  • Indulging yourself with delicacies from the heart of Italy;
  • A special gift for someone important to you who loves authentic Italian food
  • Corporate gifts, which you can personalize with your own branding for your employees, suppliers and clients. Get in contact with us to discuss the details.

Remember that as well as making a unique gift from Italy, you will also be supporting your favorite Italian friends and producers.

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After a year full of sacrifices, gift yourself a tasty 2021 with Bella & Vita

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Thank you so much for this lovely box that was filled with fantastic products from Abruzzo. I am so excited to make a wonderful meal this Saturday and to use all of the products during the holidays. Everything arrived perfectly, nothing broke and opening the box was fun. It was packed beautifully and my wife and I we’re so excited to open each box and look at each product. It truly was an experience!

Gary G.

I ordered this food box as a Christmas gift. The contents were a wonderful treat and added something special to an otherwise quiet holiday season amid the pandemic. We loved the information and stories about all of the food items and creators. All of the items have been delicious too. We are looking forward the next boxes on order! Thank you!

Sue S.

Last week I received a lovely parcel from my beloved Abruzzo
It is true if I can’t go home for Christmas, home is coming to me.

Danilo CortelliniHead Chef at Italian Embassy in London

We saved opening our Experience BellaVita food box for Christmas Eve. We prepared a risotto, with mushrooms and the carpaccio di tartufo from the food box. Dessert was a heavy cheesecake, made with local Marscapone and kaki (persimmon). Post dolce we had local Pecorino cheese and crackers, followed by homemade 'dirty almonds' washed down with the amazing Ratafia D'Abruzzo, also from the food box. The pasta and wine in the box were also of great quality. Experience BellaVita's food box is a brilliant way to celebrate many delicious products from Abruzzo.

Maggie & Kieran

So this year we decided to buy ourselves a Christmas gift from Abruzzo. Our friend Marino Cardelli at Experience BellaVita has put together a box of local products from his region. Both Patty and I were very excited for our box to arrive! Of course I had to wait for her to get home to open it. Check this out!

Anne & Patty

Just received the box today and I couldn’t wait to open “my” box. Love it...
You did great packaging it and the presentation is outstanding.

Tom C.

How about this for a Christmas treat!!!! I have just taken delivery of a fabulous food hamper from Marino Cardelli at Experience BellaVita in Abruzzo.
The contents are packaged so you can regift but there is no way anybody else is getting their hands on this! It also contains a very entertaining guide to the products...

Nick F.

I have received the beautiful food box experience and I really liked it. First of all, the packaging is very elegant, the products are highly protected. Regarding the content, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. First of all, a great white wine from Trebbiano de Abruzzo, with an intense golden color and a rather dry flavor. We have accompanied it with a good Mediterranean fish. There was also a pot of truffle, a delicacy of the region. We take them with some eggs for dinner; and another day, for lunch, accompanying the pasta al dente that also included the box experience. Montepulciano grape jam, with an intense color and flavor. Very good. We have taken it with cheese and foie. To finish a glass of ratafía, a typical drink of the Abruzzo region. In short, a great gastronomic experience that I recommend to everyone.

Juan V.

I received the Experience Food Box as promised by Marino. What first struck me, was the interesting designed box itself. Really smart and sustainable thought.
Another amazing thing was the link to the stories behind the producers, which I really appreciated. I´ve tried all products in various dishes and found them of high standard and quality. We especially loved the Truffle Pesto and the honey. This is a good initiative to keep in contact with Abruzzo during the hard Covid times when we cant travel.
Somewhat negative might be the price, which we felt was a bit high for those products, even though we appreciated the fact that shipping was included and it was delivered to our door.
Looking forward to receive the next box in a couple of months.

Lasse L.

My wife’s family comes from the Abruzzo region and I wanted something special for the holidays and came across Marino. I ordered two food boxes and they arrived to the USA perfectly. Awesome job Marino, would definitely order again and hope to visit when I’m in Italy next.

Ira C.


How does the subscription program work?

Once you sign up, you will receive a selection of 4/5 products each 2, 3, or 4 months depending on which subscription option you select (new products every time). The subscription lasts 1 year and you will be billed only every 2,3 or 4 months based on your subscription.

To sign up for a subscription, send us this request (2 minutes to complete).

Why should I chose the Subscription?

Unlike single orders, with our subscriptions you can save up to 9% on each order and you will also receive:

  1. a BellaVita Club membership that will get you access to new items and harvests before anyone else along with
  2. exclusive discounts & online experiences.

To sign up for a subscription, send us this request ( 2 minutes to complete).

I don’t have much time, how long do recipes take?

All of our recipes should not take more than 30 minutes, but there could be occasional recipes that may take longer. Our priority is to have beautiful Abruzzese recipes that are simply delicious.

Can I give a subscription as a gift to someone?

Certainly! You can gift a subscription to anyone, for example, your parents, grandparents, or friends. You won’t have to do anything, we will ship to them directly.

Check out our gift subscription options and remember to include a gift message on the current form(Only 2m to complete)

Do I have to get a box every month?

Absolutely not! If you just want a single box, you can order it. Instead, for our recurring subscription, you can receive a new box every: 2, 3 or 4 months.

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies based on weight and shipping zone. Prices for the Bella box start from:

  • USA & Canada: 25€ for 1 Bella Box
  • Europe: 19€ for 1 Bella Box
  • Italy: 8€ for 1 Bella Box

To calculate the shipping price, add 1 or more food boxes in the cart and your shipping info. Update your cart after you add more items.

What countries do you ship to?

We are currently shipping our Food Boxes to:

  • Italy (1-2 days)
  • Europe** (UK included) (2 days)
  • Canada* (5-7 days)
  • United States* (5-7 days)

**Europe (UPS): Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

*We are only shipping the ‘Bella’ Food Box to Canada and US.

When Is the last day for Christmas orders?

The last day to make your order and receive in time for Christmas is on the 6th of December.

Orders after the 6th of December are not guaranteed to arrive on time for Christmas.

Can I buy just one box?

Yes you can! However, to take advantage of the shipping costs, we suggest buying at least 2 food boxes.

Do you offer gluten-free options?

We unfortunately do not have a gluten-free option currently. All of our products except our pasta are free of gluten, but most of our monthly subscription sets will contain a box of pasta.