Save the Bees with an Italian Beekeeper

It was a lesson to me in my ignorance about bees and, with the enthusiasm and knowledge of Vincenzo, helped by Marino, it convinced me to want to embark on this activity as well. I found the whole experience very interesting and informative and would recommend it to anyone who cares about our planet and the future of bees.

Desiree B.South Africa


Are you interested in the life of these precious creatures? Would you like to join us and participating in saving the bees and our planet?

With this virtual experience, I’ll take you behind the scenes of the life of Vincenzo, who is a professional Italian Beekeeper. Vincenzo is also my neighbour who has been taking me through his bees’ journey since I was 4 years old. We will try to catch bee swarms and take you through the curious life of bees in the green region of Abruzzo.

On request

Duration 1.5h

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Save the Bees with an Italian Beekeeper Experience BellaVita
Save the Bees with an Italian Beekeeper Experience BellaVita

What We Will Do

We will break the ice presenting ourselves and showing you all the equipments needed for the day and giving a brief introduction to where we are.

As we reproduce, bees reproduce too and swarms are their way of enlarging and surviving, moreover finding a new home and creating a new colony with own food supplies.

We'll catch a bee swarm in nature, this can often be a dangerous job, not for the bees, but because we might have to climb up to high delicate trees. I’ll interact with you, recording and helping Vincenzo while he skilfully catches them.

This is the first time we open our doors to the public as you might imagine: this can be quite a dangerous activity and difficult to plan. In fact, weather might not always allow us to catch the bee swarms and although we will follow the weather forecast to schedule our experiences, we might need to re-schedule them in case of bad weather conditions**

The world of bees is fascinating and we will be guiding you through their life secrets.

There is also the possibility to adopt the swarm we collect and put your name on it! We will paint your name during the live experience.
Hives are limited, first come first served. More info Below
**If we don’t catch any bee swarms, we will devote to you more time to explain and interact with you, also showing the inside of a beehive and looking for the queen bee.
Save the Bees with an Italian Beekeeper Experience BellaVita
Save the Bees with an Italian Beekeeper Experience BellaVita

How it Works

  • This experience is hosted online. Once you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join
  • One Reservation for each person, children under 12 can join for free with parents.

What you Need:

  • Desktop computer or mobile phone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Curiosity and a smile

Adopt Your Beehive

  • Coming from an uncontaminated natural area within the ‘Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga’ National Park in the Abruzzo region in Italy.
  • Yearly analysis to prove the quality of the honey (will also be sent to you)
  • No chemicals!
  • The honey amount is guaranteed even if your beehive will not produce as much honey during the year*
  • You will be able to choose the type of the honey produced usually in (June & August)  depending on the flowers the bees collect during these months (Acacia, Millefiori, Chestnut or Coriander)
  • You will contribute to the reproduction of the bees’ population and give a hand to our planet
  • The Honey can be collected at the premises or can be shipped Worldwide (for an extra fee) after the 1st of September

*Our beekeeper has a number of hives who allow us to put our part of the honey in case your hive’s production isn’t enough (which can normally happen). In case of a severe local or national honey shortage affecting the bees, we can’t guarantee the honey. We will never import it or blend it. We’ll just hope for a better harvest the following season.

QueenLimited Hives


1 year
  • 7 kg (15.4lb) of honey per year
  • Pictures and videos of your hive during the harvesting season
  • Possibility to visit the hive anytime
  • + Your Name on the hive
  • + Priority to Participate in the Honey Harvest Experience



1 year
  • 3.5 kg (7.7lb) of honey per year
  • Possibility to visit the hive anytime (depending on availability of beekeeper)
  • + Pictures and videos of the hives during the harvesting season
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Other useful information/FAQ

What TIME is this online experience in my country?

We have 2 schedules a week:

Friday 10 am

Sunday 5 pm

Just click on the times above and you will be able to see the right time in your timezone

What type of honey will I receive?

Our bees generally give us these types of honey: Acacia, Millefiori, Chestnut and Coriander. However, this doesn’t depend on us, but on the bees and what flowers are in the season. We will explain this to you during the online experience in more details. For example, for the chestnut honey, in July we take the hives to the mountains where the chestnut trees are and let the bees do the rest of the job.

Is the honey raw non-pasteurized?

We don’t do or add anything to the honey, it stays unaltered, natural and raw as we get it from our bees. Thanks to this our honey is authentic and represents high-quality.