Salinello Gorges, waterfalls and caves

The Abruzzo region reveals unique characteristics for the abundance of diverse natural landscapes, located on the coast, in the hills and in the mountains.

Thanks to this feature nature lovers can easily reach, during their relaxing beach vacation, the picturesque sites towards the interior of the region.

For example, for those who plan to spend their holidays on the Teramo coast, the Salinello Gorges are an opportunity to spend a day immersed in nature, witnessing a spectacle of rare beauty. These deep gorges, situated between the Twin Mountains and created by the flow of the river Salinello, offer striking views and fascinating itineraries for excursions.

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The canyon has streams, waterfalls, lakes and springs, as well as numerous and striking karst caves, formed thousands of years ago, often historical evidence of a hermit’s life. Certainly, we must mention the Hermitage of St. Angelo in Volturino, one of the most important Salinello monasteries. In this great and ancient prehistoric “cave monastery”, we can still see the remains of frescoes, flooring and painted plaster. Of great beauty also is the Sant’Angelo Cave, called Hermitage of San Michele, the Hermitage of San Marco and the Hermitage of Santa Maria Scalena, to name a few.

Salinello natural Gorges

Salinello natural Gorges

Spectacular also “Lu Caccheme”, a rushing waterfall 35 meters high, situated at the beginning of the Gorges.

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The tours and excursions you can take in this area are many and divided according to the level of difficulty. Both experienced hikers, looking for a challenging and unusual trails, and those who simply want to spend a day in contact with nature taking a splendid walk will be able to observe some of the most fascinating points of the Reserve. Along the river, you can find a natural habitat to practise rock climbing.  Some friends who do practise this sport told me the level gets white high in some parts.

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The Salinello Gorges are therefore an opportunity to visit places filled with history and admire the spectacle offered by nature, here untouched. Nearby there are also villages and towns, such as Civitella del Tronto, rich in tradition and history, where you can maybe crown the perfect day discovering the peculiarities of the traditional Abruzzo cuisine.

How to get there​

Follow the instruction on the map. With the car, you can arrive until the parking slot. The road is good enough to arrive there with any car, don’t worry if it seems not in very good conditions.

From the parking, walk 5m and you will reach the important caves, dating back from the neolithic and used until recent age. Walk 10m more minutes going down a natural staircase and at the bottom, turn left to go to the highest waterfall ‘Lu Cacchèma’.



9 towns you should not miss nearby the Gorges

Civitella del Tronto

civitella del tronto, largest fortress abruzzo

It is one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Civitella del Tronto secretly holds the narrowest street of Italy and its famous fortress. Built by the Spanish and now holding the primate to be the second-largest fortress in Europe.


For the other recommendation, please follow the blog post we have written about the nearby Necropolis of Campovalano.

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