Abruzzo Farmers Market Food Tastings Tour in Teramo

Do as the ‘Abruzzesi’ do during the weekly farmers’ markets!
During this tour, TastE amazing local products, meet the locals and learn about the local culture.

1.5 Hours 10 People Max 10+ traditional tasting Wednesdays & Sundays from 9am

*If you can’t find a suitable date/time, just drop us an email and we will try to accomodate you.

Travellers reviews

We started in Campli, where we tasted amazing local food like porchetta (pork roasted for nine hours with rosemary and garlic) along with cheeses and sausages from Lucia (market stall owner). Marino knew everybody and was super proud to show us his town. We'd already been to a couple of villages on our own, but having someone who knew the local culture made everything so much better.
Ciao I’m Marino, I’m food lover by nature and also a native of Abruzzo 🙂 While living abroad for 6 years, I discovered how lucky I was being from this untouched part of Italy, and decided to came back to found my gastronomic & cultural experiences company in Abruzzo, called Experience BellaVita. I’m always on the move exploring the region in search of the BEST trattorie and unconventional restaurants to taste the local specialities. I will be your friend in Abruzzo, taking you to the hidden farmer’s markets..in Abruzzo’s most narrow streets, to taste traditional delicatessen & drinks

What we will do

🌿 1

Do as the ‘Abruzzesi’ do during the weekly farmers’ markets! During this tour, you will raise your tasting-bar up to the sky. You will learn how to appreciate and recognise the best food in any markets.

🌿 2

I’ll introduce you to the Abruzzo region, our culture and our traditional delicatessens. We will walk around Abruzzo’s most beautiful medieval towns to meet the local artisans, taste their culinary treasures as well as admiring the architectural and artistic beauties.

🌿 3

We’ll tour around the best farmers in the market and we will stop and taste the best products of Abruzzo.

🌿 4

What’s more, we will visit the best producer of Porchetta (traditional slow cooked roasted pork) and learn how to recognise the best one.

🌿 5

Both the tour and the tastings are free of charge, to allow everyone to enjoy this traditional morning in Abruzzo.

By joining this experience, you will support local family-owned businesses that are threatened to disappear forever.

What we will provide

  • 10+ Tastings 100% typical!  Such as the famous
    • Pecorino cheese,
    • dried meats,
    • home-made extra virgin Olive oil,
    • truffles,
    • and other regional products.
  • I’ll give you a lot of information about the traditions, the culture & the cuisine of our Abruzzo
  • As we will walk around the old towns, I will give you a nice explanation about the historic, artistic & cultural treasures.


Location of the tour - Province of Teramo (Abruzzo)

Depending on the day, we will be either in the beautiful medieval town of Campli, recently awarded as ‘one of the most beautiful hamlets of Italy’ or in Montorio al Vomano.
Both towns located within the “Gran Sasso & Monti dell Laga” National Park in Abruzzo.

What you should bring?

We will be mostly outdoor, please bring:

-layers, comfortable clothing

-Rain jacket

-A bottle of water

What else you should know?

Please communicate with me your food requirements. At the moment I can’t accomodate vegans

Get in contact with us for availabilities

We are implementing our pasta booking platform. In the meantime, contact us on the chat with the n. of people and the day you would like to attend. Grazie! 

i.e. Pasta making with Nonna
Message and desired date/time


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