Abruzzo Heritage services & Tour of Abruzzo

Reconnect with your ancestors from Abruzzo, learn more about them, visit their hometowns, learn how they used to live, taste what they used to cook and learn their ancient recipes.

Homage to our Ancestors of Abruzzo

Thanks to our Ancestors

First of all, thanks! Grazie to you that have arrived until this point and are interested to discover more about your roots and family in Abruzzo.

Over the past 150 years, from the unification of Italy to World War I & II, and still now, many Italians and abruzzesi left their home country in search for better opportunities.

Is thanks to them, if today we are famous all over the world, not only for our gastronomy but also for our craftsmanship, our way of gesticulating and much more.

Some History

Our ancestors from Abruzzo were also carrying important memories in their hearts. Although poverty and economic problems, they never forgot where they came from. Their friends, family, traditions, wine, food and the small villages were always shining inside them. And proud of where they came from, they inspired and shared with passion to the new world what they were made of. If you are lucky enough for sure you will remember your grandfather or grandmother talking about their charming stories of them back home, cooking traditional meals like the chitarra, and the smells of their kitchens you still remember today. Or simply their genuine way of doing & living, working hard but enjoying a good meal and quality time with the family. Their characteristics were  unique and probably that’s one of the reasons why you are now looking to connect back to them.

One way ticket

Some of them eventually came back to Abruzzo, some of them paid the boat tickets to the remaining family members to join them abroad, and others have never been back since then. The mailing was not easy at those times, some letters would get the other side, some would never reach and some would get to a completely abandoned mountain villages in Abruzzo.

What we do

The past and history of each of us is fascinating if we attempt to discover its secrets. There are stories of people reconnecting after generations apart. That is why at Experience BellaVita we want to help people to find about and connect with their ancestors, and their family history. We collect all the information from you and then we:

Make Visits to

local town halls, churches, cemeteries, archives,in search of useful documents and pictures that can help us to trace the roots of your family

Connect with locals

 By speaking with locals and by listening stories from the elderly, we hope to meet eventual existing relatives and telling them about your stories.

Extensive research

At the end of the extensive research, we attempt to provide you a genealogical tree and all the useful supporting documents (i.e. birth certificate) and pictures.

Historic, Natural Landmarks & tailored Experiences

 If you decide to come, we will take you to explore where your family used to live, understand and experience what they used to do, meet any existing relatives and taste the abruzzese traditions of your memories.

With a customised tour, you’ll have the possibility to tour the whole Abruzzo, its traditions & culture and enjoy our range of experiences. Such as, Truffle hunting tour,  Cheesemaking, Local fresh Pasta making, Hiking to Natural Parks, Visits wineries & dine on the coastline and much more. Anything you like can be added, just drop us a message below.

Why Experience BellaVita?


Ciao I'm Marino

My History

At the age of 19, I left Abruzzo and like our great grandfathers in the early nineties, in search for better opportunities I emigrated abroad.

Today I’m back, with the luggage of knowledge & skills I’ve gained abroad. With this luggage, determination and passion I’m starting this dream…

My Dream

…The dream of promoting sustainable tourism in smaller provincial realities of the Abruzzo region and aiding the local economy of these beautiful hidden villages. At the same time sharing & encouraging the survival of long-lasting traditions that are now threatened to disappear.

Your friend in Abruzzo

With me, you not only will trace your Italian roots, but will also experience the places, food, life and traditions your relatives where having. All by sharing together and being in good company of a local ‘friend’ showing you the beauties of this untouched and green region, Abruzzo.

Besides being from a small village near Teramo, in Abruzzo and having wide connections & knowledge of the area, I’m a local and speak very well the Abruzzese dialect. Vital for the locals (potential relatives) to open up to someone never seen before.

Read what our guests say about us

Marino's tours are a unique opportunity to discover Abruzzo's local culture and food. His unpretentious and authentic approach was really refreshing and it was a distinct pleasure to meet lovely local people and get a real first hand experience of Abruzzo food and native culture...Marino is a friendly, stellar guide (and cook) and his English is excellent. In addition, he is extremely knowledgeable about local food and culture. I would definitely recommend travellers to venture off and explore the Abruzzo region and getting in on his tours...
Heritage Research
A fee is charged before the research process. We provide:
  • Birth certificate*
  • Any additional supporting documents/photos*
  • Interviews with locals*
1 day Heritage tour
We provide:
  • All the heritage research & documents*
  • Visit to your ancestors town
  • Meeting potential relatives
  • Full courses lunch with wine
  • Private Transport &
  • Marino accompanying through the whole fun tour of Abruzzo
  • Airport Pickup / Drop-off
My Dear Abruzzo & Activities
Join with your family & friends for a unique 4-10 days break around Abruzzo
  • All the heritage research & documents*
  • Includes the visit to your ancestors town
  • Private Transport &
  • Marino accompanying through the whole fun tour of Abruzzo
  • Meals & wine included
  • Extra traditional activities (i.e. oil mill visits & oil tastings/ cheesemaking / trufflehunting)
  • Airport Pickup / Drop-off

*When possible


Get a free quote for a once in a lifetime experience tracing your roots and discovering the untouched Abruzzo. 

Send us your family details and other useful informations. Tell us how many days you would like to stay and we will be right back to you.

Wish you want to ask me any informations, please feel free to do so. I’ll be back to you as soon as possible so that together we can trace back your relatives and my former ‘paesani’ (fellow countrymen).

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How to find information about my ancestors from Abruzzo

Don’t know where to start with your research? Here is a list I’ve made where you can start digging about your roots of Abruzzo.


Ellis Island Records

My Italian Family

National Archive Records

Genealogy:  The Complete Resource Guide

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