Abruzzo Unspoken Food Tours – Your Private Culinary Guide

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Mouth-watering gastronomic & cultural tours behind the scenes of the greenest region in Europe, Abruzzo. Let (me) surprise you and take you above and beyond the backdoors of Abruzzo.

Experience Abruzzo with a real local!

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Ciao! I'm Marino

I’m a native of Abruzzo, I love to cook and I’m very picky when it comes to food & drinks. I’m always looking for the best quality and eating experience.
With the quality of the restaurants in Abruzzo, it is not hard to have an average good meal, but trust me! it gets hard when you look for the BEST.
I’m increasing my culture and wine knowledge attending a 3y Sommelier course at the Italian Sommelier Federation (FIS). On all the FIS events, I’m able to invite my guest to join exclusive tastings, as well as having personal connections with most of the wineries & family-owned business & restaurants in Abruzzo.
I will be your friend in Abruzzo, taking you beyond the backdoors of Abruzzo, to taste secret local dishes & drinks in EPIC locations.

Are you curious? Do you love good food? Then this is the right place for you!

Together we will discuss what you like and each time I will take you to a special location, town, osteria, trattoria, my or foodies’ friends house.

I will show you places close to the public that even locals don’t know. We will sit in and taste local craft-produced meals and drinks you have never tasted before.

I’ll share with you exclusive tips on our culinary traditions, history and methods of preparations of all the meals served.

We will walk around the town and I will introduce you to our territory.

Looking for suggestions for your own itinerary?

Get in contact with us and we will help you to complete or arrange a custom itinerary for your self guided trip to Abruzzo.


Cultural & Culinary Guided Tour

While walking around the ancient towns and small streets of Abruzzo, I’ll give you tips and explanations about the area. Furthermore, I’ll share with you exclusive tips on traditions, history and methods of preparations of all the products we’ll taste.


Possibility to arrange pickup & drop-off from Airport/Hotel. All the other transfers included so you don’t worry about drinking an extra glass of wine.

Access to undisclosed locations

Locations might include family owned small trattorie, unveiled restaurants and friends’ taverns. It would be hard to find those on the web.

How Does It Work?

You can custom make your itinerary if you want to visit a special village or have specific interests. My aim is to make your holiday a remarkable authentic life-time experience.
Get in contact with me, communicate any food preferences* if you have already some, or just let me surprise you. Let me know the amount of days you want to stay, if you need transport and also remember your food requirements and allergies. Anything I can do to help you and make your stay in Abruzzo better, will be done. Be aware I can’t transform water into wine yet ?

*Remember, we want to keep your experience authentic, so our partners are carefully selected and work only with seasonal products. For this reason, not all the meals might be available all the time as some of them are seasonal (i.e. wild game & some traditional desserts).

What Food to taste in Abruzzo!?


Exclusive Sweet Wine Pairing

A dining experience might be a local food & Vino Cotto pairing. Vino Cotto is an ancient sweet wine, produced by the must of Montepulciano grapes, reduced by 1/3 in a copper pot and then blended with 50+ years old vintages. Following the same process as the balsamic vinegar. It can be served after a meal with some homemade ‘biscotti’ or ‘cantucci’, but with some expertise can also be used during lunch, paired with food. If you would like to organise a private Vino Cotto & food Pairing, contact us to see if possible.


Traditional Handmade Guitar Pasta​ – Pasta Alla Chitarra

One more experience could be to savour the traditional ‘chitarra’, the ‘timballo’ (similar to lasagne but made with italian crepes), the ‘ceppe’ pasta, exclusively handmade around my area…Sipping local organically produced Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Red Wine, surrounded in a medieval atmosphere, taking you back in time.


Arrosticini, Abruzzesi’s Favourite Food

Savour the best ‘Arrosticini’.  Tasty lamb skewers, cooked on a special charcoal burning brazier. Those are Abruzzesi’s favourite food. It’s hard to find the good ones, I spent more than 30 months and went over 23 different places before finding the perfect Arrosticini.


Formaggio Fritto & Craft Beer Pairing

Let’s visit the local internationally recognised brewery, learn about their remarkable success, their awesome beers and taste their creative meals made with their beers. Formaggio fritto literally ‘fried cheese’ is a typical dish from Abruzzo. it’s made with a young cow cheese, dredged with a special batter and then fried. So damn Tasty.


White & Black Truffle Gourmet Dine In Teramo

Let’s enjoy a delicious 4/5 courses meal made with white or black truffles, and paired with local wines from Abruzzo.


Wild Game

Savour the local wild game of Abruzzo in a small family owned restaurant. Courses includes: wild boars, pheasant, deer & hare. Everything served with the king of the wines, the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Abruzzo Saffron

Abruzzo Saffron – The King of the spices

Did you know in Abruzzo we produce saffron? It’s real, even the best chef in the world source saffron from Abruzzo. Abruzzesi saffron meals range from the classic risotto rice to second courses with sheep, desserts and liquors too.


Abruzzo Classic Antipasti Platter

Ventricina, Prosciutto, Salami & Pecorino Cheese, mortadella di Campotosto & Capilommo. Those are the Antipasti platter you must try if you’re in Abruzzo!!


Porchetta – The Queen Of Abruzzo

4000y old culinary tradition. Porchetta it’s a whole pig seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt and rosemary. Then is marinated for 24h and slow cooked for 8/9h in a wodden fired oven. Crunchy crust on the outside and tender juicy mean on the inside

Those are some of the typical products, not mentioning the desserts. I hope this gives you an idea of meals & drinks to taste when you are here in Abruzzo.

Our locations will be in a range between the hilltop villages of Teramo, Pescara, Chieti or L’Aquila and the Adriatic coast of Abruzzo e le Marche region.
We could be in: Teramo, Ascoli, Giulianova, Pescara or l’Aquila province.