Truffle Hunting in Italy – Virtual Experience

Let's just say I wasn't really that interested in truffles before I did this experience, but now I am fascinated! Marino was an awesome, engaging and entertaining host from the second the tour started until the second it ended. He really knows how to explain things in a very straight forward and simplified manner when it comes the science, hunting and business of truffles. Also as an added bonus, he introduces you to the lesser-known Abruzzo region which I had no idea existed but is less than two hours away from Rome. Will definitely go out of my way to visit the area next time I'm in Italy because it looks seriously amazing from what he showed of it - and maybe get to meet Red in real life! Grazie mille for the fun Italian escape!


A great insider session for foodies and especially truffle lovers that want to know more about this mysterious underground mushroom. Marino was super-knowledgeable on the subject, it was a friendly vibe and questions were encouraged. I'll definitely recommend any of his lectures/tours to others.


I had the chance to take part in the online truffle hunting experience and I have to say that Marino was the perfect host. He was able to tell us all about truffle and Abruzzo region in a very informative way, supporting the narrative with videos and images as well as in a very entertaining way, engaging the participants with quizzes and questions. What I valued the most was certainly the narration of some personal anecdotes and stories related to truffle that made the experience even more authentic. Highly recommended!


Marino's passion and enthusiasm for the history and cultivation of truffles is second to none! I felt fully immersed in the wonderful world of Abruzzo and the secrets of truffle-hunting!
Private Feedback: Hi Marino, thanks again for our experience yesterday. We had a fantastic time and your passion for the topic is infectious!


A magical and unusual adventure discovering the world of truffles. I had no idea it was so shrouded in secrecy and tradition! Marino uses videos to make you feel like you're there, hunting yourself. Thank Marino for a great experience!


Booked for my mum for mother's Day and she loved it!


Welcome to the First Virtual Truffle Hunt in the World

Have you ever wondered how & where truffles grow? Why are they so expensive? How and when they are hunted? Tips & tricks for recognizing real vs fake as well as its myths and history!

Then, get yourself into the boots of a sarcastic Truffle Hunter in the Italian countryside and virtually experience one of the most secretive businesses in the world!

Online Truffle Hunting in Italy - Hunt Truffle Virtually in Italy Experience BellaVita

Duration 1.5 hours

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What We Will Do

With an interactive format, quizzes, crazy stories and laughs you will not only discover the most important concepts about truffle hunting, but also the dark secrets behind this business that normally people don’t get told. Through professionally recorded video, we’ll follow the footsteps of Red, our truffle dog searching for the precious truffles in the forest.

Truffles spots are passed secretly from generation to generation and with this virtual experience, we will uncover its myths and venture where normally – if you were here in person – you wouldn’t be allowed to go.
We’ll discuss what’s considered a great truffle and why. We will do this by covering some basic concepts about the microbiology of a truffle. Discover what it takes to become a truffle hunter!

The experience can be personalized to accommodate corporate events, friends, families with kids & any types of feasts.
Schedules & larger groups on demand: just send us a request!

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Please, mind the Time Zone which is the Italian one (Rome) make sure to pick the right day and time.


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After your payment, we will send you all the login details (zoom meeting) for the experience.


Enjoy the Hunt

At the end of this experience, you will know a lot more about the precious truffles, how they are found and a lot more.

If you can’t find the right time, just drop us a line, and we try to do our best to accommodate you.

Private Truffle Hunting Experience – Corporate Event

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Truffle Tasting Experience Box

The Abruzzo region produces 40% of the Italian black truffle production, but only a few people know about it. Together with your virtual experience, you can decide to indulge yourself with truffle delicacies made with truffles from our fields.  Check out some of the examples below.

  • 100% truffle from Abruzzo, 100% natural & organic.
  • Locally sourced from our land
  • Supporting the local economy.
  • Enjoy the recipes we provide
Bronze Tasting Box


3 high-quality artisanal truffle products, jars of 80grams (2.82oz) each

Example (product might change based on availability):

  1. Honey infused with a piece of white truffle (Premium)
  2. Black truffle sauce with mushrooms
  3. Pesto sauce with truffle


Silver Tasting Box


6 high-quality artisanal truffle products, jars of 80grams (2.82oz) each

Example (product might change based on availability):

  1. Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio (Premium)
  2. Honey infused with a piece of white truffle (Premium)
  3. Truffle Salt (Premium)
  4. Black truffle sauce with mushrooms
  5. Pesto with truffle
  6. Artichokes with truffle


Gold Tasting Box


9 high-quality artisanal truffle products, jars of 80grams (2.82oz) each

Example (product might change based on availability):

  1. 100% grinded black summer truffle (Premium)
  2. Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio (Premium)
  3. Honey infused with a piece of white truffle (Premium)
  4. 1 full black truffle in jar (Premium)
  5. Truffle Salt (Premium)
  6. Black truffle sauce with mushrooms
  7. Pesto with truffle
  8. Artichokes with truffle
  9. Chilli sauce with truffle


Fresh Truffles

On enquire

Enquire us to know prices and availability.

Fresh truffles FROM ABRUZZO on request based on seasonality:

  • White Truffle (of Alba) – October to early January – 1000-5000€ per kg
  • Black Truffle (Nero Pregiato/of Norcia/Perigord) – Mid November to Mid March –  900-1500€ per kg
  • Winter Black Truffle (Burgundy & Brumale) – October to December – 200-1000€ per kg
  • Black Summer Truffle – May to beginning of September – 120 to 220€ per kg