Hunting Truffles in Italy – Virtual Experience

Hunting Truffles in Italy - Virtual Experience Experience BellaVita

The truffle hunting experience we did with Marino, Ginesio and Enrico was truly one of the most special and memorable days we've had on our 14 day road trip (and that's saying something since I got engaged on this trip 4 days ago!). If you love nature, dogs, culinary arts, and culture, DO THIS.

Corina P.USA


Get yourself into the boots of a truffle hunter and virtually experience one of the world’s most secretive businesses in the world. Through the live experience, you will follow Gino and I, among the local National Park and follow our two dogs Luna & Piccola, sniffing for the truffles.


Duration 1h

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Are you able to join us in Abruzzo? Check the in-person truffle experience below

In-person Experience

What We Will Do

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you will discover where truffles are hidden, how to find them, how they multiply, their seasonality, why they are so expensive, how to recognize and distinguish a good truffle from other truffles of inferior quality and much more.

We will reward the specially trained dogs after they hard work finding the precious mushrooms and you will also learn about its traditions, its history, its myths and uses in the kitchen. 

Truffles spots are passed secretly from generation to generation and with this virtual experience, we will venture where normally if you were in person you wouldn’t be allowed to go.

Check the availability on the calendar and book your spot! Mind the Time Zone is the Italian one CEST / GMT+2, make sure to pick the right day and time.

After your booking, I’ll send all the details for the experience.

If you can’t find the available time, just drop us a line and we will try to do our best to accommodate you.

How it Works

  • This experience is hosted online. Once you book, you’ll receive an email with a link and details on how to join
  • One Reservation for each person, if you’re more than one in the same house, just select the number of people at the checkout.

What you Need:

  • Desktop computer or mobile phone
  • Stable internet connection
  • app

Private Experience

If you would like to organise a private experience, just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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Truffle Tasting Experience Box

  • 100% truffle from Abruzzo, 100% natural & organic
  • Locally sourced by independent truffle hunters
  • The Abruzzo region produces 40% of the Italian black truffle production, but only a few people know about it
  • You will be supporting the local economy

Silver Tasting


per box

1 Jar of sliced/grounded black summer truffle under Evo Oil (80gr-2.82oz) – Great for bruschetta & Pasta

2 bottles of Truffle Oil – White and Black truffle flavours (2x 100ml 3.3oz)

1 jar of Truffle Salt – (120gr 4.23oz) – Great on meat

Gold TastingBest Seller


per box

2 Jars of sliced/grinded black summer truffle under Evo Oil (80gr-2.82oz) – Great for pasta & bruschette

2 bottles of Truffle Oil – White and Black truffle flavours (2x 100ml 3.3oz)

1 jar of Truffle Salt – (120gr 4.23oz) – Great on meat

1 jar of Truffle & Mushroom paste (80gr-2.82oz) – Great for bruschetta & pasta

1 jar of acacia honey infused with a piece of white truffle (130gr) Great on cheeses and gelato. Jar of 130gr

1 special gift

Fresh Black Summer Truffle

$ 14€

100grWorldwide delivery in 24/48h with ice. Price may vary during the season

100gr of fresh black summer truffle serves 3 people for a course

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Are you able to join the in-person experience in Abruzzo? Join us below

In-person Experience