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The Abruzzo region has plenty of delicious food and wine, and Marino was kind enough to show us a lot of it. He knew so much about the region and we had a great time with him and his family. We're excited to try the other experiences next time!

Marie-LuiseAUSTRALIA, Melbourne

Marino is an amazing tour guide with tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm for Abruzzo. He not only ran a great cooking class with his grandmother, visit to a salumeria, and a truffle-hunting expedition, but also recommended a complete itinerary with hotels, stays in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, visit to Rocca Colascio, Scanno, Pacentro... Wow - what a wonderful way to see this unexplored and authentic part of Italy!

Steve GedeonCANADA, Toronto

Marino met us at a newly-established bio-winery near Teramo. Nat, one of the proprietors, explained in considerable detail (and excellent English) his approach and philosophy. It was a real pleasure to talk with people who have such a passion for their work and to enjoy with them some of the fruits (pun intended) of their labour. All in all, a very enjoyable visit in a beautiful part of Italy.

Jack GrahamPeter & Karen, USA - California

7 Reasons To Choose Us

1) Insider Knowledge

As our families have lived here for generations, we have many connections and undisclosed access to private places, like historic residences & friends’ private buildings. You will hear stories & have access to recipes that locals carry on from generations to generations. Taste private food & drinks produced only for personal family use.

2) We Give Back To The Community

We call it sustainable tourism! We do strongly believe in this project as a driving mean to support the local economy of these small fascinating hamlets that are threatened to disappear forever. We hope our project will inspire other young passionate locals to move back to their towns and keep their traditions alive with the help of tourists like you. We are and will be creating projects & initiatives with local communities, associations & scholars by giving 10% of our profits away.

3) 100% Local – With International Expertise

We are 100% local Abruzzesi, we live ‘La Bella Vita’ in this beautiful & peaceful part of Italy. As each of us has lived for at least 4 years abroad, we know perfectly how to deliver a great service. We partner with 100% professional, enthusiastic locals who speak fluently the local Abruzzese Dialect, Italiano, English & Español.

4) Only Vetted Local Collaborators

For all our experiences, accommodations, transport services, we personally inspect our collaborators, who are enthusiastic as we are about our region and sharing the local culture and heritage. We go in incognito and pretend to be tourists, just like you and only select the best of the best.

5) Real Small Groups

Travel on REAL small groups of a maximum of 8 like-minded people. Our tours are all about quality and we take care of each of you as we would do with our friends.

6) Authenticity & Traditions

You will see, touch and live the real Abruzzo’s life as locals would do and above all, with real locals! Are you ready for the real Italian Bella Vita?

7) You will Be Treated As a Friend

You will not just be a tourist, but you will be treated as a friend. You will arrive as a guest and leave as a friend, hoping you will:
1.- Have enjoyed every single moment of your stay
2.- Be inspired to come back to discover more
3.- Take some aspects of the ‘Bella Vita’ home