At Experience BellaVita, we love to share our local traditions, culture, and history with people from all over the world. For example, we have a special tradition for International Women’s Day: men give women bouquets of mimosa flowers in Italy. 


Why is Mimosa the symbol of Italian Women’s Day?

Behind the gesture of giving this flower to women, there is a historical reason: in 1946, two activists – Rita Montagna and Teresa Mattei – fighting for equality of women suggested to celebrate the first Women’s Day after the war by offering branches of mimosa to other women as a sign of respect and support. 


Woman = Strong

The Mimosa represents the feminine world. This flower looks very delicate, but it is actually very strong and able to grow in hostile lands. Yes, just like women! 

This is why at this time of the year if you are visiting our Bel Paese (beautiful country) you’ll find flower shops surrounded by yellow fluffy flowers and people walking around with bouquets. 

Why is Mimosa Flower the Symbol of Italian Women’s Day? Experience BellaVita

S,o if you know a beautiful Italian woman, don’t forget to buy a bouquet of Mimosa for her 😉 

Happy Festa Della Donna!

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Marino Cardelli

Marino Cardelli

Food & Wine Enthusiast, 2nd level Qualified Wine Sommelier, Licensed Tour Leader of the Abruzzo Region, Official Abruzzo Smart Ambassador. I try to create environments & opportunities for Abruzzo's small business, young people and our traditions to thrive through sustainable tourism.

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