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used before another word to mean “specially designed for a particular person or purpose“.

If something is authentic, it is real, true.

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The 5-Star Approach

Planning culinary vacations on our own level, isn't the easiest job for different reasons:

Obsession with Quality

Restaurants and other food providers change often their own suppliers & workers. Main ingredients and service might be different and for us quality is the most important asset.

Active Research

That's why is important not just to devote time discovering new eating venues, festivals and other suppliers, but also to go back and visit established ones.

Vetted Collaborators

On our scouting, we always pretend to be tourists, if the person, wether at a b&b, at a restaurant or at a farm can transfer us emotion, passion and enthusiasm for what they do, then it's a match!

"Con Amore" is all better

We chose to convert our passion into our job, and WE DO LIVE HERE! So isn't all about quality assessment, but often our partners converts into friends.

Sustainability & Long Term Relationship

On top of rewarding fairly and above average our partners, we support personally with our time and expertise by taking/being part of the local associations and initiatives.

How our tailored made services work?

Abruzzo Custom Tour Planning - Your Italian Vacation Dreams Come True Experience BellaVita

Get in Touch

When you contact us, we'll set up a complimentary consultation call. We want to hear you, see how we can help, so we can create a completely personalised vacation for you!

We do the Organisation & Planning

Sit back and relax while we conduct the necessary research and arrange your itinerary. We'll make necessary adjustments and then handle all of your travel arrangements.

Buon Viaggio!

Enjoy your adventure! Whether you're touring with us, one of our partners or on your own, we will always be by your side to assist you.

Our bespoke itinerary planning fees starts at 250€ and varies according to the duration and complexity of your trip. We’ll address pricing during your first consultation call.

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Can you tailor an itinerary to other parts of Italy?

Absolutely! We have connections all over Italy and we are also part of a group of the best 20 operators from each Italian region.

When we organise a custom itinerary we take care and connect you with like-minded local experts.

Our Itinerary portfolio

Abruzzo Custom Tour Planning - Your Italian Vacation Dreams Come True Experience BellaVita


The Problem

Han is a wine expert who has travelled the whole Italy but not yet Abruzzo.
Inspired by 50 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo tasted at an event, his dream was to discover with his family and friends to discover the best and unknown wines of the region.

The Solutions

Thanks to our strong connections in the Abruzzo wine industry, we secured Han and the group more than the requested rare bottles.
With a professional Sommelier we organised a tasting with 10 of the best wines from Abruzzo, each paired with a traditional dish.
We organised a private dinner at a friend who ages wines under the snow of the Gran Sasso. It was a fun night!
Lunch in a cantina who opened exclusively for us, where we paired some of the oldest Abruzzo's sweet wines 'Vino Cotto'.
Tasting of delicatessens at one of the best salumeria of Italy and visit at the ageing caves also unknown by locals. Tried some of the best Arrosticini of Abruzzo. Lunch with wines at the Trabocchi. We organised a lunch were we took our personal wine selections at the best organic agriturismo of Abruzzo.

The Challenges

Han had considerably more experiences in the wine industry than we had, but we felt strong on our connections. We knew we could connect Han with local wine experts and discover some rare wines together for the first time. The group did not want to visit wineries, but taste multiple great wines at one location, paired with food. Han requested some rare bottles from historic wineries for tasting and to take back home.

The Outcome

An amazing itinerary focused on the gastronomy of the Abruzzo region, where we also got to taste some special wines we thought wouldn't be possible to taste.
The group was supposed to come back in June 2021, but it was postponed for covid until a further date.

Abruzzo Custom Tour Planning - Your Italian Vacation Dreams Come True Experience BellaVita

“This was the best trip of my life. Marino took I and two friends to visit the ancient city of Matera. He designed the entire trip according to our interests. Each experience included a personal rather than tourist oriented approach. We visited with cheese makers in their small business, a young wine producer who discovered and renovated a century old wine production facility, a bread making company that told us the ancient history of the place and it's relationship to bread. A tour of the national park opposite the city with a geologist who explained the evolution of the terrain and the reasons it has been one of the oldest continuously populated places on earth. An evening in the mountains making and eating our own pasta with people who love people. I could go on... Furthermore, Marino himself is an incredibly good sport. He is all of 27 years old with the wisdom of an ancient. He spent 5 days with 3 women in their late 50's' and 60's and we all had a great time. He arranged everything perfectly and adjusted seamlessly if needed. He is special and if you want the best vacation of your life, contact Marino.”

Ellen S.USA

Matera (Basilicata Region)

The Problem

Ellen and her friends had their flights cancelled to Greece and contacted us for arranging a tailored tour to Matera in the Basilicata Region, part of Unesco World Heritage Site.
Main concerns: to be authentic, have outstanding food & wine, be flexible, light hike for half day and have at least 1 cooking experience from a local.

The Solutions

The group was picked-up from their accommodation and was driven to Matera.
We experienced the bread-making of Matera in a historic Baker, made the iconic Caciocavallo cheese at the home of locals, hiked the Unesco Site with a Guide & Geologist who become our friend, went to a local's Nonna to make orechiette nearby the border with Puglia, visited an historic winery cultivating native grapes, had fabulous meals & wine and most of all we had fun!

The Challenges

Matera is becoming a popular destination and it is was hard to find authentic experiences to do in and around the town with the short time we were given (2 weeks). For an outsider It was hard to connect with locals and let experience the local culture.

The Outcome

Read the full review above.

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More from our Visitors

“Marino was great, very personable and so helpful! He went above and beyond to make sure we arrived safely (some significant events had happened). The wine tasting was made very special for us in a unique situation. Very excited for these two and their endeavors! Great wine:) it was lovely to be at a small family winery!”

Adele & LukeOhio, USA

“Marino, made us discover many treasures of Abruzzo, in particular on the typical products of the region but also the good addresses of restaurants and wine bars! Our experience in Abruzzo would clearly not have been the same without him, a big THANK YOU!”

Jimmy & Maureen (Wine Importer & Expert)Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we charge a fee?

I devote a great deal of time and care into preparing each of my customers’ vacations, and that time is valuable. This is why we charge a fee.

I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Yes indeed, with our vast knowledge and connections we will help you to plan your lifetime trip to Abruzzo and beyond from scratch.

How is it to drive in Abruzzo?

Driving in Abruzzo by yourself is pretty straight forward. The only thing you should take into account is that roads in Abruzzo will probably have big turns and go up and down hills.

Are you fine with that? Or you can always ask us to provide a professional driver.

We are travelling alone and don’t speak/understand Italian

We will connect you with english speaking partners and provide an assistant when needed . If you prefer a mix or Italian, not a problem, just let us know.

I don’t have a car. Where can I hire it?

We can advise where you can rent one based on where you will be staying. If you need a driver we will provide one.

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