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Work the BellaVita's way

Do you believe the world needs a little more inspiration in it these days?

Do you love travelling off the beaten paths?

Do you have passion for what you do?

Are you tired of working for a boring 9to5 office job?

Do you love the South Italian way?

If so – lets have a chat!!

We are an open-minded social-driven community

What drives us at Experience BellaVita is enthusiasm and passion for food, traditions, art, travels and people. Through these unique experiences, we want to:

  • Let our friends (visitors) have unforgettable moments
  • Give back to what “Madre Natura” has been giving us and respecting it
  • Support the local economy of this small fascinating hamlets that are threatened to disappear forever
  • Reduce the emigration of young passionate folks like us, and bring them back
  • Helping small home-producers

If you think you have something valuable to offer you believe would improve what we are doing, then get in contact now.

Why should you work with us?

  • Fun environment.
  • Chance to impact the tourism environment of Abruzzo and less developed Italian regions.
  • Develop your CV.
  • Get involved in many processes of a startup.
  • Self confidence & team working training.
  • Occasional Italian & international dinner with awesome meals.
  • Change to have a holiday in the greenest region in Europe (check this out, we’ll ask that at the interview).
  • Possibility to own Experience BellaVita, acquiring shares in exchange of your contribution.
  • Learn Italiano & Abruzzese, our local dialect

Can you help?

Current Positions Available:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Guide


If you’re interested, drop a note below including:

  • A little about you
  • Two sentences on why you would like to work with us
  • How you will be able to help on our mission
  • Once that you failed
  • Curios/strange fact few people know about you
  • Examples/links of previous work.