Pecorino & Ricotta Cheesemaking in Abruzzo | Teramo Italy

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From £59/person

4 Hours 10 People Max   Local Food & Drink

Join this exclusive educational experience with a real local cheesemaker. Have fun making cheese and learning all the secrets of this ancient shepherds’ art in Abruzzo near Rome. During this day, you will get introduced to the cheesemaking techniques and it will all be about getting your hands on MAKING. Pronti (Ready)?

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What We Will Do


After a beautiful short panoramic drive we will get to the countryside, at Giuseppes’ farm.
For over 3 generations, Giuseppes’ family have been making cheese and breeding animals in a small family-owned farm in the Abruzzo Apennines near Teramo.


We will meet Giuseppe and his family and start with the cutting of the curd and then onto moulding and making the famous pecorino cheese shapes!


After this fun and challenging experience, we will have a taste of our cheeses, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other home-produced delis, as well as wine and other drinks.


While we wait for the ricotta to arrive at temperature, we will go and see the animals of the farm: Sheep, goats, cows, veals, Pastori Abruzzesi (Abruzzo shepherd’s dog) and hangs. As well as the beautiful panorama of the ‘Gran Sasso & Monti Della Laga’ National Park and its ancient hilltop medieval villages.


Once the Ricotta cheese is ready, you will taste the purest and fresh(warm) Ricotta cheese.

This is the best Organic Ricotta in Abruzzo. I bet you to find a better one and I’ll offer you a dinner!


We end the day with you extracting with your hands the Ricotta from the pot!
*Based on milk availability the cheesemaker will decide the kind of cheeses we will be preparing that day.
cheese making in abruzzo

What We Will Provide

Cheese & local products

You will taste:
A selection of cheeses (at least 3),
Home-produced Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil,
Dried meat i.e. Salami,
Artisanal Bread.

Drinks & wine


Local wine

Guided visit to 1 of the 3 holly stairs in the world

We will also take you to visit the ‘Scala Santa’ in the beautiful hamlet of Campli

Transport (on request)

Travel needs can be accommodated for a fee.
*We will be at an artisanal cheesemaking factory, bring comfortable clothing and easily washable shoes

The farm is on the hills, located in the green countryside of the ‘Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga’ National park. A great spot for visiting the whole region, from the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, to historic hidden medieval towns, vineyards, olive groves and at 20m away from the beach. Great if you have few days to spend, I’ll be able to advise you on the best spots of the Region