The Real Truffle Hunt Experience

About 1.5h of walk + long lunch/dinner

In this exclusive truffle experience in Abruzzo, you will go behind the scenes of one of the most secretive businesses in the world. A unique truffle hunt among nature, learning how to find, store and eat the black and white gems in the secret region of Abruzzo, just 1.5 hours from Rome.

The Real Truffle Hunt Experience - Teramo (Abruzzo) Italy Experience BellaVita
The Real Truffle Hunt Experience - Teramo (Abruzzo) Italy Experience BellaVita
The Real Truffle Hunt Experience - Teramo (Abruzzo) Italy Experience BellaVita

What We Will Do


After a secret drive in the countryside of the Teramo province in Abruzzo, we meet our Truffle Hunter Expert, and we get into the forest with his trained dogs.


During the hunt in the beautiful countryside of the ‘Gran Sanno & Monti della Laga’ National Park, we will share with you everything about the truffle: where and how they grow, its traditions, its history, its myths and its uses in the kitchen.


You will learn how to recognize and distinguish a good truffle from other truffles of inferior quality. Learn some pro tips & secrets to recognize a truffle area.


We will see how the specially trained dog search for the precious mushrooms, we learn about their training techniques and see how the dog can find only the good truffles.


You will have the option to eat at the best family-owned restaurant and enjoy a full truffle meal with wine, dessert & liquor from the Abruzzo region. You will have an exclusive menu with 3+ truffle courses paired with wine.
*Depending on the season, we will find different varieties of black truffles.
*White truffle hunts available between 15 October and 15 of January for an extra fee. (More info below)

What To Bring

We recommend bringing a pair of spare shoes and trousers as we will be walking in the countryside and there might be some mud, plus the dogs might jump on you to play.
A bottle of water and a hat during summer months.

White Truffle Hunts

White Truffle (15th October - 15th February)

Searching for white truffles in Abruzzo requires a good fitness level and being able to walk long distances, even under rain and mud. The walk lasts at least 3 hours. Please, take into consideration, that it is not guaranteed to find truffles.

White truffles’ price can oscillate between 1000 to 9000€ per kilo, depending on the season. Hence, truffle hunters are very jealous and secretive about the spots where they can find them. Sometimes, those places are not even shared amongst family members. Because of this, you can understand, it is very difficult to find an available truffle hunter, and the prices are much higher than for a normal black truffle hunt. Luckily, I know very well a truffle hunter who is available to take us on a white truffle hunt in the mountains of Abruzzo. If interested, please send us an email and remember, white truffle hunts are only available between 15 October and 15 of February/year.

Truffle Hunt

1.5 Hours

From €54

  • Walk with the dogs and the Truffle Hunter in nature.
  • Learn everything about Truffles & Truffle Hunting
BellaVita Special Meal (at restaurant)

2.5 Hours

€ 50

BellaVita’ Special Meal Menu:

  • A full truffle based meal with at least 3 seasonal truffle courses;
  • Local selected wine;
  • Dessert, Coffe & Traditional Abruzzese Digestive.

Can’t join the in-person experience? No worries! Join us virtually!

Virtual Experience