Traditional Pasta Making with Grandma Amina

With this experience I and Nonna we will show you and keep alive this 400y old pasta making tradition, for then savouring our delicious results together in our family. Join this unique traditional pasta making experience with my 83years young, Nonna Amina. Discover a family old secret for the best fresh egg home made pasta. In an ancient village in Teramo, in Abruzzo.

From €65/person
5.5 Hours 10 People Max Organic Food, Drinks & Wine Usually on Tuesdays & Fridays from 3.30pm - Sundays 10.30am

*If you can’t find a suitable date/time, just drop us an email and we will try to accomodate you.

making the pasta dough from scratch
using the chitarra for the pasta

Travellers reviews

We had a fabulous day learning tips and tricks making pasta from scratch with the family, and experiencing the full range on Italian Family life. The highlight was cooking and eating the dish, which turned into a fabulous full on family 7 course meal - so much fun was had. Marino and his family have so much love and energy for their produce, food, family and the area - I highly recommend spending time with them; you're guaranteed a fantastic experience.

What we will do

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With this experience I want to take you through a journey in time. This is not a simple pasta making class. We are going to make from scratch, the traditional pasta from Teramo, called ‘pasta alla chitarra’. Very few people still make it following the tradition, with this old wooden tool called ‘chitarra’. Restaurants and housewives nowadays make it with the pasta machine, but you will experience with your senses that it’s a totally different story making it completely by hand! Your life will change when you will learn why is important to make it by hand, and how to make it home under 20m time.

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During the experience I and Nonna we will show you and keep alive this 400y old pasta making tradition, for then savouring our delicious results together in our family.

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After collecting the eggs & tomatoes from our little farm, Nonna Amina will share with you all the secrets for making the best tomatoes sauce on earth, so that once back home you can take with you a piece of Abruzzo and impress your friends and loved ones.

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You will also get to taste our own olive oil, vino, honey and other local traditional products. Mamma Mia!

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With the two of us together, You will learn all the secrets recipes my nonna keeps within the family for generations. Together we will share a typical day of a family from southern Italy.

*Let us know about food allergy, vegetarians and gluten free very welcome. Sorry, we can’t accomodate vegans yet
My Grandma is 83y old, so it can happen that sometimes she might not feel good, she also has our Nonno(grandpa) to take care of, in that case, she will still come to supervise and tell me to add more salt, but I will be taking her class.

traditional pasta of abruzzo
home lunch in abruzzo

Travellers reviews

WOW. My boyfriend and I 100 percent lucked in to the most amazing time with Marino at his Make pasta with his grandmother. From start to finish, he was incredibly understanding and kind, and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great time. The whole thing was incredible, and it felt like we were actually able to experience a part of Italian culture that most don't. If you want to have a great time, eat amazing food that you made yourself, and genuinely get to experience Italy the way it should be, I highly recommend booking this. You will not regret it!

What we will provide


  • Local cheeses (pecorino/fresh cow cheese)
  • Honey tasting (2/3 types)
  • Our own Extra Virgin Olive oil 
  • Artisanal Bread
4 courses lunch
  • Our traditional pasta ‘alla chitarra’ & tomatoes sauce
  • Juicy meat from the tomatoes’ sauce 
  • Seasonal vegetables from the garden
  • Seasonal fruit from the garden
Drinks & coffe
  • Welcome drink
  • Water
  • Organic local wine
  • Local spirits/digestives
  • Traditional Italian CAFFE’ 

Transport (on request)

  • We can transport a max of 4 people with own car, from/to Teramo city, at no additional price. Other travel needs can be accommodated for a fee.
learning to make tomatoes sauce in abruzzo
pasta making class abruzzo
our little farm in Teramo

Location of the tour - Teramo (Abruzzo)

We will be close-by Teramo, the exact address will be given after the booking.

We are implementing our pasta booking platform. In the meantime, contact us on this FORM. We will be back within a few hours.  Grazie! 

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