Abruzzo, a very tiny region in central Italy, is known as the greenest region in Europe. believe it or not. Seriously!

As there is a very short distance from the highest mountains of the Apennines to the 130km of beaches, Abruzzo has different microclimates where a large number of rare living species find the ideal habitat.

75 percent of all European flora and animals may be found here. That is correct! Nature reserves, three National Parks, regional parks, and maritime areas cover about half of the land of the Abruzzo region. 


The Wildlife

The mountainous parts of the Apennines in the National Parks of Abruzzo, for example, are rich in fauna, with over 60 species of animals, 40 species of reptiles, 300 birds, and a variety of insects and invertebrates.

The Abruzzo Brown Bear, or ‘Orso Bruno Marsicano’ in Italian, is a severely endangered species of bear found exclusively in the Abruzzo National Park and its near surroundings, as does the Abruzzo Chamois, a protected native goat-antelope species.

While you may not spot an Apennine wolf when touring the parks or the Abruzzo Mountains, we may often hear their howling during night expeditions. Other park residents, such as roe deer, porcupines, wild boars, foxes, pine martens, and golden eagles, can occasionally be seen during nature walks and hikes across the mountain terrain.

The Nature & Flora

The gorgeous narrow valleys, rolling hills, fresh mountain springs, waterfalls, and ancient hilltop villages of Savoy await you behind golden sunsets.

To recap, Abruzzo is also known as the greenest region of Europe as you can find 75% of the living species (plants, insects & animals) of Europe, concentrated in a small piece of land.

Marino Cardelli

Marino Cardelli

Food & Wine Enthusiast, 2nd level Qualified Wine Sommelier, Licensed Tour Leader of the Abruzzo Region, Official Abruzzo Smart Ambassador. I try to create environments & opportunities for Abruzzo's small business, young people and our traditions to thrive through sustainable tourism.

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