‘Formaggio fritto’ literally (fried cheese) is a traditional dish from Abruzzo, especially in the province of Teramo.
It is one of the most delicious, tasty and traditional dishes of the Abruzzo region. The origin of this dish comes from pastoralism, which has been key for centuries in this region. Still, today whether in a farmhouse, a ‘Sagra’ (festival), or a starred restaurant, fried cheese will be never missing on the table.

Fried Cheese with Truffle

Adding truffle to the cheese will make your drool. We took the traditional recipe and added a twist with truffle. We did not invent this recipe personally, but we did it as a community in the annual Truffle Festival in our hometown in Campovalano. A local traditional festival that sees many people and a lot of tasty meals, all prepared with truffle, from antipasti to dessert!




10 min


10 min


4 people


For the batter:

  • 1 medium organic egg (about 70 gr)
  • 3 teaspoons of Experience BellaVita’s Truffle sauce/grinded
  • 75 grams of flour (best type 0 or 1)
  •  40 ml of beer or sparkling wine
  • Half tea-spoon of Experience BellaVita’s truffle salt or fine salt


  • 4 slices of young mixed (cow & sheep milk) cheese (of 1 cm thick)

For frying:

1 liter of seed oil (Sunflower or any other)


  • A plastic bowl
  • Small deep frying pan
  • A plate

Truffle Fried Cheese Video Recipe

Preparing the Cheese Batter & Fring it

Start by preparing the batter.

In a small plastic, bowl beat the egg, add the beer, truffle, salt and flour. Mix it well! It should about the same consistency of custard cream. Add beer if it is too strong, or extra flour if too liquid.

Bring the oil to temperature (around 170 C degrees), put some extra flour into the plate, and cover the cheese with some flour so that the batter sticks well around the cheese.

Fried Cheese with Truffle - Unknown Recipes from the Heart of Italy that will make you Drool Experience BellaVita

Deep the cheese into the batter, help yourself with a fork to lift the cheese, and let the extra butter drop. Slowly drop into the hot oil and fry until brown.

Dry the extra oil over some kitchen paper or frying paper and serve immediately.


Don’t forget

  • Drop the cheese carefully into the oil.


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Marino Cardelli

Marino Cardelli

Food & Wine Enthusiast, 2nd level Qualified Wine Sommelier, Licensed Tour Leader of the Abruzzo Region, Official Abruzzo Smart Ambassador. I try to create environments & opportunities for Abruzzo's small business, young people and our traditions to thrive through sustainable tourism.

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